Managing Expectations Of Your Sex Buddies In London

With sex buddies in London, your casual relationship can become personal and develop into a full blown relationship if you’re not careful.

There are ways however to keep the situation focused on the benefits of a casual sex arrangement and off a potential committed relationship.

Handle Your Sex Buddy Arrangement With These Tips:

The Right NSA Dating Partner

Not everyone is cut out for NSA dating thanks to underlying feelings we can sometimes have for our friends.

If you are thinking about having a fuck buddy, don’t choose someone you suspect has feelings for you because it can and will end badly and you are guaranteed to lose the friendship you once had.

With the right person it is entirely possible to have a successful and long term sex buddy.

And to do this you will need to take the following three tips into account.

While sex is a major (shall we say the main) focus of a friend with benefits relationship that doesn’t mean that things won’t sometimes get personal or that you can treat your sex buddy like dirt.

Being friends gives you both a unique opportunity to mix friendship with sex without a relationship and that’s not something you intentionally want to stuff up.

Tip 1: Set Your Adult Dating Rules

You’ll read this everywhere and it’s true. If you want your adult dating relationship to work (and last) there needs to be some rules.

Once you have the right friend, the two of you need to sit down and work out a set of rules for how things will work. This is not something to do lightly.

Things such as when and where you’ll hook up, do you stay or go afterward, when you’ll hang out without sex, and even things like when and how you’ll text or email each other needs to be considered.

It’s very, very important that both of you are on the same page before you go ahead with sex.

The most important thing to remember in a no strings dating arrangement is that you ARE friends.

So unless you want to lose your friend (and possibly others) for good, you both need to know what you’re getting into.

Tip 2: Honesty Is Key With Your Fuck Buddy

It’s important in all relationships but with a fuck buddy, honesty has never been more important.

Along with setting rules at the beginning of your relationship, you both need to agree to be honest with each other at all times.

One of the benefits of having a sex buddy is that you can still see other people.

However, if you begin to lie about dates and the other people you are sleeping with, your NSA sex partner is unlikely to stick around.

Tip 3: Show Your Sex Buddy Respect

No matter what you do, always, always show your sex buddy some respect.

Nobody likes being used and if you make your fuck friend feel used or treat them like a prostitute you may find things get a little more personal than you would like.

You also need to be respectful and honest if you or your friend discover you are developing feelings for the other.

If your friend approaches you honestly and tells you they’re developing feelings for you, don’t be dismissive, abusive or disrespectful – that’s not how friends treat each other.

If something occurs than neither of you are comfortable with, it’s far better to stop having sex and keep your friendship than it is to continue the sex but hurt yourself or your friend in the long run.

There are many times in life when it’s difficult not to make or take things personally.

Thankfully, having a sex buddy is one of those times when you can choose to not make things personal.

By setting casual dating rules, being honest, and showing some respect, you can not only stop things from getting personal but you can keep your friendship intact.

After all, one of the goals of having a friend with benefits in London is to remain friends long after the sex is over.